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Amazegen A maze generator game for mobile. Idealized June 11, 2012 
CHP+ Wrapper to access CHP GUI with more usuability. Started March 28, 2012 
Tá na Hora! Droid app to remind user to take medicine. Idealized March 28, 2012 
Phantasy Star Maps A tool to help the Phantasy Star game players to take notes of the tips and draw the paths for the dungeons. Finished November 1, 2011 
Trocadinho Trocadinho ajuda você a sacar dinheiro trocado dos caixas automáticos.  Finished July 4, 2011 
Gas-o-eta Gas-o-eta indicates the best fuel for your vehicle, based on pre-recorded prices and autonomies of common fuels. It helps you to go further with less money! Finished January 3, 2011 
Grails BPM Grails application with support for BPM: user and role control, worklist, DSL for process definition, etc Idealized August 11, 2009 
Object Land A container for objects that provided data storage and business rules. Idealized July 13, 2009 
Good People GoodPeople is a web application to support social initiatives, allowing the register of philanthropic foundations and subscription for monthly alerts for contributions.  Started July 4, 2009 
The Molition The second of a series of game development studies. This one is based on Arkanoid. Idealized May 30, 2009 
Breakfast Breakfast is a set of features to retrieve data as RSS feeds, data lists, calendar events and so on and publish them as a summary report or page, to be sent by email or published as a web page. Released May 28, 2009 
Lettres The first of a series of game development studies. This one is based on Tetris. Released March 1, 2009 
SVN Informer Script to watch and inform on SVN repo changes. Finished February 9, 2009 
Discleaner Application to help on disk cleaning, showing the files and folders and its sizes. Released January 26, 2009 
JPlugin Component for extending applications by adding Java classes as plugins. Idealized January 1, 2009 
Potato Component to control competence of aprroval or disapproval. Idealized January 1, 2009 
Tobby Web application to manage video rental shop, combining DDD and AOP. Started October 1, 2008 
Scroom Web application to manage scrum projects. Released April 19, 2008 
Showing 18 items